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Qualities to Look for in a Reputable AC Contactor

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Not all HVAC contractors are the same, therefore, choosing the right one matters.

When you get a solid professional to install your HVAC unit, some of the problems experienced may not come to you. There are contractors who pose as professionals, but in real sense they are handy men. The following tips can help you avoid the uncertainty and get the right person for the job.

The Quality of Estimate

When a contractor gives you an estimate over the phone, be wary of such a technician because they could be misguiding you.  Any reputable contractor would follow up a budget price over a phone with a full site survey and written quotation before any works are carried out.

The proper quotationwould done by a project manager who would carry out a survey. They would take measurements of your premises and discuss unit positions and installation routes and processes. Things such as the building construction, equipment and people within the room, the windows you have and any ventilation that may be installed would be taken into consideration when sizing the right equipment for your needs.

Knowledge and Experience

Someone who has been in the industry for a much longer period is probably more up to date with developments than a person with a couple of years. However, experience alone is not enough. The contractor should be well-versed with emerging technologies and how they impact HVAC systems.

Get to know their credentials, the type of exams they qualified, and a bit of a background on the customers they have serviced so far.


Knowledge and experience cannot be used as licensing. This means contractors should be fullyF Gas Registered to ensure thy are qualified to install and/or work on air conditioning.  Ensure they are licensed to do the things they do such as checking and changing refrigerants and other HVAC components.

Ask for their F Gas Registration certificate and relevant insurances.

Business Rating

Conduct an independent search online for the contractor and check how they are rated by the people they have served. Aim for contractors with low volume of customer complaints and good rating. These are people just like you who have gone ahead and used the services of the contractor you are just about to hire.

In addition to the above tips, always secure your engagement with a company through a contract with clear enforceable terms. Be keen on the dates, the fees to be charged, the equipment, and any open ends the contactor may exploit to rip you off.

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