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Top 5 Technologies That Will Redefine Air Conditioning

The summer season is right in front of us and homeowners and businesses are busy shopping for new HVAC equipment and repairing the broken ones.

In case you are planning for an AC replacement, it is important that you educate yourself about what’s new in the HVAC industry. This can save you money and give you comfort. Below are the top technologies to watch out for.

Remote HVAC Management Systems

Highrise buildings, shopping malls, and complex homes are embracing remote systems to help them manage their HVAC units. Breakdowns are not only inconveniencing but also costly to repair. Through remote monitoring, HVAC systems can be diagnosed and maintained cost effectively.

The Internet of Things

Wireless connectivity on air conditioning is now becoming possible.  Units are now being able to be controlled via your Wifi network and apps on your smartphone/tablet

Air Purification

Apart from convenience, technology advances in HVAC also serve to improve health and safety. As customers look for ways to keep their indoor environment safe, smart air purification methods are quickly gaining ground. These systems can help in getting rid of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other allergens that cause deterioration in air quality.

Variable Speed Controls

HVAC systems are designed to operate at peak. However, for most of their useful lives, they operate at part load. Thanks to variable speed controls, the systems can take varying loads by adjusting their cooling and heating efforts. This gives them efficiency in power consumption and prevents lots of emergency breakdowns.

Other technologies to look out for in the industry are air to water heat pump systems and variable refrigerant flow systems that allow for customized controls that appeal to the occupants in buildings.

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